Karatbars, the BaFin and factually clear words of the board

Karatbars defends himself against allegations, Chairman of the Board Josip Heit says clearly: “I like to buy back KBC coins!” The Karatbars group of Harald Seiz, known and economically successful with their innovative gold and silver Technology products, has been under attack for several weeks.

Initially under pressure from former business partners, weighty players have now emerged as opponents, especially the German financial supervisory authority BaFin (Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht). This has prohibited the KaratBit Foundation to continue to issue the KaratGoldCoins (KBC) in Germany – and even to reverse the transactions. The highlight of the media attention was formed this week, a comprehensive portrait of company and CEO Seiz in the business newspaper “Handelsblatt”.


Seiz and his organizations are contrary to usual procedures in the German economy., Amazed openly and extensively on the allegations. Karatbars’s CEO, Josip Heit, is also taking a stand. especially the BaFin demand that the Karatbit Foundation should reverse the KaratGold Coin. First of all, it welcomes the fact that the almost uncontrolled market for cryptocurrencies is becoming more regulated.

This is invaluable especially for reputable providers of karatbars, especially for reasons of reputation and to significantly increase the acceptance of crypto currencies on the financial market. At the same time, Heit outlines the background and conditions of the former KBC placement: “The Karatbit Foundation published the KaratGold Coin (KBC) in the spring of 2018. In the presale phase you could buy the coin for 0.5 cents. “

The KaratGold Coin (KBC) is now tradable on more than 50 markets worldwide and numerous crypto exchanges. The KaratGold Coin has climbed in the meantime course heights of more than 10 cents. Currently, the price is around 2 cents, which is four times the issue price. Accordingly, Heit reasonably and factually concludes: “No investor or buyer of KaratGold Coins, who in the Presale phase (pre-sale phase) has drawn coins, has been damaged only approach!”

Practical and technical hurdles would also be solely for reasons of organizational implementation of such a reversal, Seiz continues. And in practical terms, hurdles would also open up to implement the BaFin ideas, as Heit confirms in the interview. Heit wonders how a specifically decentralized technology like the blockchain can be reversed. For this, perhaps the so-called Smart Contract (computer protocols) on Ethereum basis (Ethereum is an open on blockchain-based, decentralized software platform – which uses encryption technologies) are resolved.


For this purpose, attempts have already been made in the past to legally prosecute the former technical service provider Marvin Steinberg with his company Steinberg Marketing GmbH / MyICO Agency. Only this finally has access to the back office data. “We would therefore particularly welcome it, if the BaFin in the context of its work this service provider lawfully in order to come to the data”, say Heit to the address of the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority.

Dubious sources and rewarding buyback? According to the Chairman of the Karatbars Group, BaFin bases its official letter on information from a criminal fake website “www.karatgoldinternational.com”, with a scathing criticism which, for reasons of the NetzDG (Network Enforcement Act), should not be online at all. In addition, this hides in a cowardly manner, abroad and is hosted on a .com domain! It is also very questionable if a federal authority such as the BaFin relies on dubious sources – but precisely for this reason go since August 2019 first and foremost karatbars against this website for “unlawful identity presumption” legally before.


Against the host provider (telecommunications service provider) was already on September 11, 2019, a court application for “injunction” has been made. Even though the entire Karatbars leadership verbally rejects BaFin’s official request, Josip Heit, Chairman of the Board of Karatbars and CEO of GSB Gold Standard Banking Corporation, comments on the central official BaFin requirement and German customers receive the coins at the then issue price buy back from 0.5 cents.

In view of the mentioned rate of two cents, this would be an economically profitable business for him and, above all, Karatbars, although this is “in the interest of the inventors” of the BaFin, the legal and technical supervision of the Federal Ministry of Finance, which the BaFin created in 2002 as a financial market supervisory authority, may be factually more than doubts!